I'm just laughing at you ..esepcially when you say things like "NTB for making factual remarks." man, any credibility you might have had got flushd with that statement hahahaha ..and again you ignore answering questions that expose why you are really here.. you copy statements I've made about you eg. "you actually believe your own mistake" and now apparently it wasn't you that posted math, now you're saying it was DKM ..sure sure.

You're looking pathetically desparate.. it's like watching a sick animal die ...oh and yea, fractions and division and lets just say BEDMAS in general is all voodoo I suppose eh? Go lick some more window duster and take your new found foremost authority on math that goblin NTB with you.

I'm a "troll"? ..you're posting on a bullboard of a stock you have no ownership in..................................... this is like shooting fish in a barrel