Keep twisting the story conman. I would expect nothing less from a conman. You know exactly what I am talking about when I say DKM's math. He listed 3 of my many picks, of course picking the worst 3 to make his point which is just fine, and you took that info and made up a phony narrative about being down thousands of percentile on a stock to try and discredit me and it completely backfired. Something that did not exist in reality then and continues to not exist now no matter how hard you try to spin the facts with you dishonest conman rhetoric. The math I posted was and is correct just like DKM's was and is correct. Your math is being used to support a fake argument therefore it is not real in regards to your made up lie that you continue to lie about. I hope you are looking in a mirror when you are making accusations about spinning the narrative.

I look forward to your next conman post full of spin and lies you dishonest dolt. It must be tough on the inside knowing you are a complete fraud even though you act confident. Deep down you know you are a peice of shiit. That's how human behavior works conman. Please prove me wrong numbnuts. But please do it with real and not made up information this time.