I know what you are doing conman. It is right out of the conman playbook. The correct math I continue to reference that you have seen with your own eyes multiple times is about percentage decline. You know, the reality you continue to pretend doesn't exist. What a dishonest peice of shiit you are.

The math you want me to dipute as being incorrect can not be disputed in relation to your lie about being down thousands of percentile on a stock because the scenario does not and can not exist. You can pretend all you want that we aren't talking about your orignal lie. It just exposes further as the fraud you are. Please try to stay on point.

I have a buddy who likes to spin but he does it on his nose. It is actually quite incredible to watch. His name is Pinnochio. Look him up. He is a cool character too but he does have a bit of a problem with honesty also.