Bag cheese, you should make up your own replies rather than cutting and pasting mine. Flattered you seem to agree with my statement but you seem able enough that you don’t really need to keep pasting it to every post lol. And how do you know Divot doesn’t have any shares? Maybe he’s shorting NSP, either way Divot has a right to post like anyone else. If you disagree with Divot, that’s fine he still has the right to post.

Divot, bag cheese displayed the math correctly many ways and many times to try and provide you understanding and you either don’t grasp it or don’t want to. And it is fact that a larger spread in share price loss requires the use of percentile past the decimal. Regardless of how bag cheese displayed or said it, his math is correct and he was right in asserting to the thousandth percentile loss with the context he used it and the math displayed. 

You both need to chill out and celebrate the gain on double the average volume today. Hope the trend continues.