As far as the PP's, would it be better at this stage if NSP instead borrowed money and didn't do placements? The money went into the business but also remember management has to eat too, nobody would work for free.

If NSP was .30 cents a share today, would there be disgruntlement? Would it be worth .30 cents? Is it worth 3 cents currently? Theres been 6 years in which NSP share price was .30 cents or higher. It's been over a dollar. No of this means it was worth .30 now or then. However, when NSP was .30 or higher in those 6 years and over a dollar NSP didn't have the infrastructure and market place metrics it currently has nor arguably potential. The Venture Exchange is about unclear potential.

Is there currently another Venture listed company that has the same dynamics NSP currently does, trending food industry business, operations in place, contracts, history of expanding and versatility in following market trends. I don't think it would take huge news to make this pop. NSP isn't a speculative miner that doesnt have any core results and an unexperienced management team. 

IS NSP going to be .30 cents or higher again is the question and are you willing to place some chips on the table at the current price?  Why not? I'm in at 2.5 cents and .30 cents gives me a 12 bagger. Look at the other companies that are trading for 3-5 cents, can you find any 3-5 cent stocks that have more potential? Maybe, I'd love to hear about them.