Not stuck in the past dude. I am just pointing out the type of promotion this company engages in and the results and/or lack of results of said promotions. I picked a couple examples from a few years ago but if you prefer I could give you some more recent examples such as Cavaltinib. As far as what I have made or lost on my investment in NSP you nor anyone else have any idea.

Also you can percieve me as a cry baby all you want. I am showing valid reasons why others should do their DD before sinking a bunch of cash into NSP. I am not telling anyone to not invest but I do suggest anyone who does lock in profits at some point based on past performance. I am not responsible for the promotion or rhetoric they use while promoting either now or in the past. It is also not my fault that the history of said promotion is still on the internet for all to see. The past performance of any company and it's leaders is way more relevant to investors than any current forward looking statements. 

If this company ever creates actual sustained shareholder value in the way of shareprice increase I will give them credit for doing so. Until then I will continue to focus on the reality of the current near all time low share price. Numbers are all that matters and the relevant numbers imho are lacking the necessary value shareholders need. Just my opinion. Of course your opinion is the opposite. It always has been. Even when this was over a dollar per share. How are you not ridden with embarrasment following your 7 or 8 year pumpathon? Keep pumping er down bud.

Good luck