I never promoted you as a crybaby. I’ve made verbal disclosure when I bought, at the price and that I have previously owned NSP multiple times. For myself or anyone to take you legitimately, we would essentially have to either have disclosure of share ownership, (yes or no) and secondarily the price bought. You can make any arguments you wish, however if people don’t know your invested bias or uninvested or short bias, how does one then take your arguments or points of view?

Of all the markets NSP has been focused on, I think the current sector they are focused in has more promise than any of the past initiatives. Their infrastructure and operations have never been more capable and the management team I would say is better than average. As far as investor relations they need to do better keeping the shareholders and marketplace accosted of happenings. However, I have speculated/ remember hearing that management has been participating in the PP and accumulating shares and/or have significant share ownership.

My opinion isn’t so opposite, yes I gave one observation about the share price being over .30 cents in 6 different years. However, I am detaching the current share price from the underlying business. I feel NSP is deserving of a higher present share price than it currently has due to it’s future potential but also as well as its current operations and abilities. And as a slightly related point, when NSP went over a dollar per share, it was when investment in the Venture index was at all a decade low in volume and the investor relations and news was much more regular and flowing. Because of this lack of news we are naturally left to work with the information we have.

Instead of calling it a pump, I have made amazing money from NSP and I have an acquaintance that has made much, much more. I think a true pump would be if the share price were to be a lot higher and pumpers pump the momentum as it climbs. NSP share price (not company) has been at the basement recently. It’s not exactly easy to pump a stock that’s at its lowest all time share price yet the business footprint is exponentially larger than when it went over a dollar. When it went over a dollar it was nowhere near the business it currently is today, not even close.

You can buy NSP now for 3 cents. My entire argument is, NSP, its business and all it’s current moving parts are worth many multiples it’s current share price especially considering the potential and sector they have concentrated in. NSP survived Covid, supply chain disruption, a flight to safer securities and last month we closed up on the monthly. The base is slowing forming and if NSP closes at .035 cents or higher this month, the trend is still in play.

As far as embarrassment, how can I be, I’ve made money from NSP, made disclosure on my current position and see value in NSP, especially considering the current share price. If you aren’t embarrassed, why don’t you make disclosure if you own NSP shares or not? Go even further and state the share price(s) you are in NSP at … if you’re not embarrassed of course.