Don't worry. This time around will be different. Any news on Cavaltinib trials? They should be ahead of the next Covid variant this time. Imagine the cash that will bring in if the trials turn out positive. I am assuming they are following through this time and not waiting for a opportunity to use it in a pump to artificially inflate the shareprice. Why would anyone do that? I am really looking forward to the results. It must be going well with the lack of news. Giddy with excitement. Good thing they have the Covid angle to fall back on being the cost of fuel and skyrocketing inflation which may reduce profit margins. If that fails there is always the hemp seed shipments to Korea or the Natera line of products. I am Pawsitive.

I can't believe I dont hold any shares especially with the shareprice being half a cent from it's all-time low. Stubborn I guess

good luck