Your replies are getting weaker, repetitive with no examples of anyting you're pushing you're still asserting I'm a conman yet you are the #1 poster on the bullboard of a company you own no shares in...................................the complete definition of a conman. And where is your math for the 16th time??? still cant see it ... fine to keep repeating absolute garbage but you never provie any evidence .. show this so called math as I recall zero math from you whatsoever

Yesterday at 6:14PM you (divot111) stated, an I quote:
“The math I posted was and is correct”

Ok so where is this math you goblin? I’ve asked you for this so called math 16 times, lets see it goblin, where is it?

I gave math in all of those posts and as that member noted I gave you the math many ways to try to explain it to you and they made mention that you were confused and just didn’t understand. I will post it again below. And you're calling me a conman yet you're the #1 poster on the bullboard of a stock you don't own.................................. and you call me a conman... you're hurting man, like watching a sick animal die.

For the 23nd time, since you own no stock in NSP, why are you the #1 poster on the NSP board???

I’d say this poster is analysing this correct, I know you love this, notice where the poster says, "I don't think theres enough to be arguing over here" hahahahaha and yes I remember you agreeing with my math come to think about it, but where is your math?:

This exchange over percentile. The person saying a larger drop in price to be accurately measured, yes you have to use digits past the decimal. It seems there’s agreement on that. It’s also true that the first decimal is tenths of a percent in this case and the third is hundredth and so on, this is true. From what I’m reading there’s confusing on percentile. The person stating for example: tenth of a percentile isn’t exactly wrong and isn’t exactly on point as a percentile is used in general to display a proportion in comparison. The person stating that the other is down to the thousandth of a percentle might have better been more clear and said the other was suffering such large losses that the loss has to be measured by the thousandth of a percentile.

The person displaying the math as a proportion of a percent which is not typically or regularly used in this manner, yet it’s not incorrect given the context of there argument, tenth and hundredth of a percentile does explain proportionality in the assertion and therefore is technically used correctly for this specific argument, but isn’t likely the best way to state this point as a loss. This is an obscure topic and I’m not exactly sure how someone would describe this point or what word to use in place of percentile which is likely why the person used the word percentile in place of a word that is not so certain what it would be better.

The math is generally correct by the member asserting percentile, but the disconnect seems to be one person views another person assertion as an expression that you can lose more than you invest, the other person has gone to many lengths and displayed the math at many angles to show the other person this is not the case. The one person doesn’t accept the math or explanation but hasn’t offered counter math to dispel and attacks the word percentile. The one person has explained the same general point in many equal but different ways with numbers, math and words and attempted to lay it out clearly from different angles expressing the same point. It seems one person looked up the definition of percentile and auses the other of missusing the term yet didn't understand in what context the other person was using the term in nor understood the argument being made and this added more confusion

After reading all the posts, there doesn’t seem to be a disagreement per se, it’s more or less confusion or a lack of understanding a concept and there is also elements of anger and an argument whereby neither member wants to be the one to give up. There also seems to be an element of one person is supportive of NSP as a company and the other person seems to be bearish on NSP and therefore this is adding to the conflict. Given where this exchange is, neither person will likely concede to the other given these points but the person which is using the term percentile, be it the best term or not for this example is technically correct on their assertions and math which is the main item regardless of how something is worded, the many displays of the math at different angles explains the point clearer than even a better worded argument ever could.

To sum this up, I don't think there is enough to be arguing here as it's more or less a misunderstanding and it seems to be more about insults now, which is great and fun to read but there really isn't anything clearly being argued over here as it seems the main point at the center of the math has been agreed upon. If the one persons math is correct and their wording is generally supporting the math then, what is exactly being argued over here? Nothing substanital or clear.