hi all,  Talk about a crazy day in the markets and my prediction on the interest rate hike was way off. But,  i was correct on the markets going downward. So for that lets see what happens in March as we now look at the precious metals move over the weeks to come.  Now,  what i would like to do is give a positive message on one company that is in similar stage as Northwest.  That is Trilogy metals.  This stock started off a few years ago under .50cents and worked its way up to a hi high over $3 a share.  Great discovery and high grade copper, plus joint venture partners. Trilogy is not a new company so they have been around. Now trading in the $2 dollar range and just over $290million market cap. What a great company to own with a very strong future for uptrend. Now, lets look at Northwest Copper.  We are also in the right stage for a correction in the share price and we have major discovery one of the top 5 in the world. Plus we are an old company in Serengeti Resources and the merger made us stronger. We have a lot more cash in the bank for 2022 over $20million. PLus we also have a very big backing of Oxygen Corp. So we need to see how news comes out of Northwest very soon. Someone did post a week ago about the delay in the labs and can be true. Trilogy just announced news yesterday on more drill results so is our turn next?  Absolutely. For now the comparison of both stocks is getting exciting and Northwest is going to catch up in the share price very soon. So the outlook right now is very positive and lets see Thursday if we get the news we want. For more info on Trilogy Metals see link to the main website. https://trilogymetals.com/  As for the share price being held by management is being held to prevent a downtrend.  lets hope for news!