hi there,  some of you have been blocked as a user so i do not see your post anymore.  You know who you are!!   as for this post all i can say is POSCO INTERNATIONAL is in the works with Northwest Copper to come out of the 33% ownership of Kwanika asset prior to the merger between Sun Metals and Serengeti Resources takeover. Remember we had Kwanika Copper Corp and this company is gone!  This is the key where our stock can move higher and push past $1.50 once a deal is made. Right now they have diluted to  33% and with all the millions this year being spent on Kwanika project we can see another min 10% diluted target 25% or a deal for us that makes them leave or participate in a new venture.  So its up in the air right now and something is coming soon with POSCO International.