hi all,  what is next for NWST?  Well keep it simple more drill results and more higher grade and more discovery and more up beat move to $2 a share. The next few weeks of the year as per my post back in early September was important for you. I tried my best to explain and many were on board and some just bashed me. Well i cannot control you or make you think when to buy and sell so my posts are there to let everyone know what i'm doing. I blocked many so i do not see your posts and some are wondering why i do not respond. Now you know why!!  As for us moving forward there are more great day's coming so hold to your shares and follow the investments BOCSG as these 5 investments are always a sign of things to come this last few weeks of the year. I will post something soon on the markets. Now looking at the news yesterday this drill hole is still making headlines and many are shocked by the results. Once we all calm down the smart money will jump in fast and we could see a price in our stock just jump like .25 cents out of the blue.  Remember a year ago where someone purchased 1 million shares on a Friday afternoon around 1pm?  So, for those of you who remember and follow me this can happen again with a higher price target. For now lets focus on something else that is even bigger!  POSCO INTERNATIONAL is in a corner to decide on the relationship to either dilute the 33% they own in Kwanika or do they? Remember when Serengeti established Kwanika Copper Corp this company went bye bye after the merger and takeover with Sun Metals. Also the reverse split happened twice for Sun Metals and that hurt!!  With the amount of money being spent this year they will have to dilute to a min 8% = $8million so 25% would be the new target. Also because we are a B.C play in Canada we get the nice credit next year of min 30%!!  Is this a good thing for us? I would say yes if a deal is not made as next year it will happen again for POSCO. So they will keep losing and losing every year if we go this road. But,  by Law and the ownership from Kwanika Copper Corp Serengeti Resources owned majority of the project and the company that was formed. Now how smart is Mark O'Dea? How smart is Oxygen Corp? All i can say he is the best at what he does and i honestly believe a deal is in the works. This is why no matter what happens we will have full control and we could establish a great partner in POSCO International if they want to be. The history of POSCO DAEWOO is gone as they like to drag there feet back in the days with Serengeti Resources. For new company formed 2 years ago POSCO INTERNATIONAL is now looking at the options behind the seens with Mark O Dea and the Oxygen Corp and also Northwest Copper Corp. This is what i suspect or believe??  What will happen in the near future nobody knows and the facts are they will without no doubt dilute a certain % for now since we put millions in the drill program for Kwanika and that is still good news for us. We are winning and we are in full control of our assets with the new merger in NWST.  For those of you who want to see the POSCO INTERNATIONAL website and see how they show our asset in Kwanika see link and it is so old and not even updated. I beleive it is from 2018 or late 2019???   This tells me they are on the way out or something is up.  So i would expect higher highs in Northwest Copper and slowly move higher to $1.10 to $1.25 and progress until we end the year. We are in the start of a massive correction and valuation in our stock so enjoy the moment and become strong and positive shareholders.  You should all subscribe to our youtube channel also as we grow and upload more videos. see the link to POSCO INTERNATIONAL....https://www.poscointl.com/eng/mineral.do also see the link to our YOUTUBE channel and join!!  see link   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZn-zDJQhZUpuiNND2-gQAw,  also we had 35k views on our video so think about the number of investors watching us right now!   Also see latest numbers this morning as you can see $1 and above is growing.....we are early in the game!!

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Level two quotes - Bid
Number of Shares Bid Price
9,000 0.960
6,000 0.950
6,500 0.900
20,000 0.890
80,000 0.880
2,000 0.870
3,000 0.860
40,000 0.850
4,500 0.830
5,000 0.820
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Ask Price Number of Shares
0.960 6,500
0.970 25,500
0.980 23,500
0.990 28,000
1.000 84,000
1.020 8,500
1.030 1,000
1.050 13,500
1.070 2,500
1.080 10,000