That being said...I am 100% certain about the copper supply demand picture going forward for many years baring a global depression/recession.  Development projects that have some scale are going to get gobbled up by the majors at fat premiums as there just aren't many to be had.  I took a flyer with Northwest and if they keep delivering and we get a solid understanding of the potential, I'll buy more.  I own Taseko whose miners are thinking of going on strike soon but I look well past that to their Florence project in Arizona that when completed will crank out 85 million lbs per year for $1 per pound....that's a quarter billion per year in cash!  Have to have a 2-3 year timeframe to see these fruits ripen but the wait is going to be well worth it.  As both of these companies make progress I'll keep building my positions and look for a major payday a couple of years from now....I'll probably bet a bit on the webinar as it sure seems like a perfect time to make some major announcements.