hi all, going into this new week is another big opportunity to load up on Northwest Copper knowing how great last week was. As we have a new investor now National Bank Financial paying $1.18 a share.  Do you know how big they are?  check out the website link and scroll down and see the value in assets they manage. LINK https://www.nbfwm.ca/.  Also,  looking into this new week we have more news on drilling folks and its not over. Kwanika still have the deeper holes and Stardus has 3 to come.  East Niv has another 6 more holes and we have some step out drilling for Kwanika that was off the records.  But the biggest one is Lorraine asset and that is a kicker or can open the eyes of many minors who spent years and millions in drilling. See link to the presentation on page 8, you will see the final plan and the resource updates and the main focus. see link  https://northwestcopper.ca/investors/presentations/ Lorraine asset has been aroung and 100% owned by Northwest Copper.  The biggest thing right now is the resource calculation coming for Kwanika and the GOLD indicated in the ground can hit 3million ounces. This helped GT Gold Corp move past $3 and a market cap well over $350million.  We have a perfect drill program that can add the ounces 7000m is a lot. We can hit every hole with grades and the numbers will increase significantly.  Remember Serengeti did not discolse an update after the last round of drilling before the merger announcement.  They were trying to see if Posco International would participate further drilling and laughed at us. So now we move forward and i told everyone how important the last qtr of the year is back in September.  Now only a few weeks left in the year and i will stick with my targets and share prices from previous posts.  Now is everyone forgetting we trade in the US?  We have a ticker symbol NWCCF?  I must say anyone who owns AMC stock that wants to shift over to a hard asset in Copper and Gold after the squeeze could be a next move when the GOLD price moves. This is where you should check the latest GOLD update from IGOLD advisor!!  check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_xOEUZ9ApY, Chris is so bullish right now on the GOLD price our timing with Kwanika resource update due this year is key. Also, Bitcoin is stable and in the $65k range and now stable, ready for the next push higher past $70k. So good luck the rest of the week.