hi all,  watch the latest update from USA Watchdog with Clif High and its a good one on Crypto's, GOLD and Silver and where we are headed into 2022.  It amazes me how the rest of the world is changing around Crypto and what is going on in Venezuela.  GOLD can be the biggest game changer to holding a real asset just like a house, Car, jewelry, food and water!!  So see the link https://usawatchdog.com/collapse-of-civilization-coming-clif-high/,  Also what is next for Northwest Copper?  As we get ready for November 24th presentation and news can come at any moment as we continue for that 7 for 7 on news. We have had a fantastic Q4 so far and our share price is ready for the next rip higher!!  The charts are all positive with a ilttle dip and now the rip higher. Copper also is critical going into 2022 for some stocks.  I believe Maron Katusa is about to have his subscribers be part of special write up with our stock. As you all know he updates his subscribers who pay for his research with the next big undervalues stocks. So get ready for anything as he just posted on youtube his latest video on copper and picks to come soon.  If you subscribe to his channel than you will get the chance to see his list of stocks. I bet we will be part of it since th Copper prices continue to rise into 2022. see his video on YOUTUBE as he gives us the run down squeeze on Copper.  see link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkF5q_SWBr8.  As for Northwest Copper Corp we are surrounded by Centerra Gold from top to bottom on the map by two mines. Any take out we should see our stock hit $2 a share very easily. We would be in the .20 shares for everyone 1 share of Northwest Copper at $10 a share for Centerra Gold.  If this were to happen we are under value at $2 and we should be in the $3 a share for a takeover that makes us a $378million market cap. GT GOld Corp was taken out just under $400million market cap and the GOLD asset was just under 3million ounces.  Well Kwanika remember my post on the resource calculation as we will shock many since our last drill program as Serengeti.  For now these are all speculation numbers for 2022 and it is a real situation and we could see a frenzy for our company. We have the best asset package in North  America so we are ready for more news in drill results and hold your shares!!  We have the most proprty ownership and programs in the works within the same year!  Nobody else in Canada is doing what we are doing with Lorraine, East Niv, Stardust and Kwanika. Think about the $20million private placement!!  Do you think they want to see the share price double at some point soon?  Its all coming in 2022 and November 24th will be interesting!!  So be ready for any news in the morning or hour of each day. This stock should be in you top watch list right now!! Cheers and good luck to all.