hi all,  get ready for Wednesday trading as this is it for tax loss selling or taking profits for 2021. After that you own it and will be part of your 2022 claim.  If you are playing the US markets get ready for new TAX changes and my guess is your better off making the claim this year.  As for now looking into the last few hours into the afternoon the markets are looking good as the santa rally is still going higher.  Now lets look at somehing as BITCOIN got hit hard this morning!! Almost $5000 down and this tells me profit takers are out and now going to get back in after Wednesday. Smart money is going to come back in and push it higher. As for TAXES not sure how in the US, this all works with Bitcoin so do your homework.  Now as for OIL we are on fire!!!  now hitting $76 and nothing stopping it to go back up to $80. As for  Copper we are steady and now $4.45 a lbs and not bad at all.  Can we see $4.60 before we end the year?  I would say yes. Going into 2022 this will be a big year as inflation is key to go higher and copper will be the biggest winner. As for Silver and GOLD....remember any sell off after Wednesday in the DOW or NASDAQ can push GOLD and Silver higher as a safe haven play into January. For now both metals are moving higher and stable.  All 5 investments are all good to own and just keep track of the dips. Now looking into Northwest Copper and the TSX opens after being closed for two days for the last week of the year!!  We could see a panic push of money and catching up to move the stocks higher on the exchange. Watch gold and silver stocks move higher!!  As for the juniors if you own any hang on to them!!!  As for Northwest Copper strong hold and news pending. If we get news in the morning and we go 7 for 7 on kwanika results or even Stardust surprise to end the year...$1.50 target. Grades must be high to keep that hole 217 insantuy going and it was not a fluke.  It will be fast push and move towards this share price of $1.50. Why?  Well tax loss selling will bring in new money also and into a safe play going into 2022. Precisous Metals can be an exciting year for 2022 and you will want to own Northwest Copper. I still think we will be taken our or takeover bid to be in play.  So hang on and get ready for Wednesday morning open bell.  I know some have wondered last week on adding more shares in the .77 cent range and i know looking back i wish i did buy more!!

so cheers the rest of the day