hi all,  Its about time the final close to the POSCO relationship is over as to who owns Kwanika 100%. This news is pivotal in moving forward knowing Northwest Copper Corp is the only Exploration Play in North America and maybe the world owning 100% of everything!!  Every project under the belt is now 100% owned by us going into 2022. This deal also announced Lorraine with Teck so now we play the game on the share price. So what happens now as we open at the bell!!  All i can say is if you read the news and see the last two trance placements are in our favour as the higher the price the less shares.  All i would say is the dilution is very little and if the price goes higher the less shareS Posco gets.  Regardless we will have two major corporations invested by owning shares in Northwest Copper.  What does this mean for us in 2022?  When a takeover happens these two will be in it for sure and another player that wants it all. So right now buy on the dips and accumulate shares as we play the game.  Remember no matter what happens today look into 2022.  We held BACK all the drill results and resource calculation for one reasone!!!  That is save the best for last so we have higher share prices!!  Thats right now the drill results and news will come like an avalanche. Will we see more news before New Years?  Absolutely as we want the share price now to go higher and higher and higher. This is the best play to own going into 2022.  Remember my post last month on the $20million private placement.  Do you think the financial institution that gave the money to Mark O'Dea was going just be happy with .77cents????  Think about what is coming and now we all know the game that is going to playout over the next 4 months.  This is a win for us shareholders on higher prices, less shares and the fact the last trance of placement is only $3million helps us with even higher prices.  so, lets make a prediction together on this as i believe we will hit $1.50 at some point soon. The share price will need to move higher so the 2nd Tranche we hope to be double the .77 cents.  As for the 3rd tranche of placement and we have had all the news on the drill results, latest update on Kwanika and Lorraine resource calculations done. Also,  the icing on the cake in Q1 of 2022 the PEA for Kwanika to construction.  All of this comiing and the set up is a $3 a share target for the last tranche #3.  Honestly we could see our stock hit $5 a share and shares outstanding at 127million, and 116million floating.....with this deal at $11million in stock if we can average us below 10million shares  total $1.10 a share is the owrst case. We need to be higher so the less shares is best to give POSCO.  Regardless we will end up just under 140million shares as a target. As for a takeover target into 2022, anything goes and to own 5 properties in a true hard asset for Copper and GOLD is amazing. We will be in the eyes of many investors now and this is what we want. So hold onto your shares and buy on the dips. Take profits when you need to and always pay your bills.  This stock play is better than AMC or GME....as we now know the squeeze on the share price is all set up over the next few months. Great job from management for playing the cards right and thinking about the shareholders and what is fair for us! Serioulsy $11 million is all POSCO asked for??  That to me is a shock as i thought they would want at least $20million with the drill hole 217.  I wish Peter would talk to Adam Eron at AMC so he can teach him as a CEO on how to beat the naked shorts!!  LOL......The APES have AMC and the Copper hands have NWST going into 2022.

For now watch the stock and this is great news for share price movement over the next 4 months!! Here is the latest BID vs ASK since last week and nothing has been updated in the system yet. So get ready for 9:30am for battle of the share price !!! Also, if you like this post or not reply to hit as the more volume from us makes more noise on Stockhouse for the year.

Level 2 Quote

Level two quotes - Bid
Number of Shares Bid Price
16,000 0.760
64,500 0.750
10,000 0.740
14,500 0.730
18,000 0.720
14,500 0.710
12,500 0.700
3,000 0.690
500 0.680
1,000 0.660
Level two quotes - Ask
Ask Price Number of Shares
0.780 6,500
0.790 35,000
0.800 20,000
0.820 3,000
0.840 5,500
0.850 2,500
0.860 3,000
0.870 10,000
0.880 9,500
0.910 500