happy new year gerry,   i would say GOLD and Silver will have a big Q1 and Q2 in 2022 as they run up like always.  Silver is the biggest play going into 2022.  I predict that this is the year for Silver to make headlines for the first time since 2009-2010.  Silver is the most undervalued asset and the market knows how manipulated it. 

GOLD,  do not be surprised if we hit $1900 this month alone. The biggest play is Northwest Copper update on Kwanika, GOLD resource and this is the kicker that made Goldcorp Years ago when i had the stock.  The copper production gave us the gold credits at a rediculous AISC.   Goldcorp at the time was king.....now Northwest Copper will make a lot of headlines in January.  If you loaded up on the stock back in August and September like posted to many as to how important the last quater of the year is. You will do well and hold your shares do not sell as we have a lot to go.