hi all,  looking at the data and where we are now with inflation in the US, i would expect at least 1% interest rate announced today at 2pm. This would put us back to March of 2020, when we went went fromm 2019 at 1.5% and lowered to 1% before covid hit.  Right now we are at 7% inflation since December last month. This is the highest in years for the US and there is no way the Federal Reserve can continue like this and i will stand firm on my prediction.  Anything just under like a 3/4% rate hike is probably best as they are at 0%.  What does this mean for the market?  Positive as we are back on track to correct and clean up or start some sort of honesty.  Any news to not issue an interest rate hike and keep it at 0%.  Means war is upon us with Russia and they cannot afford more debt and the markets will move to GOLD, Silver and OIL.  As for Copper you will need a lot of it and there is not much inventories out there and watch the move on the precious metals and commodities. It can be a rebirth of the precious metal sectors for the Juniors!!  so be ready for 2pm. see link to the facts on the inflation rate and interest rate hikes over the years and where we are now.   Save the links below for future updates.