hi all,  No news is good news and we have time!  Stay the course and invest always. We all know each day we have a greater expectation for waiting this long for kwanika and Stardust news on the last final drill results from 2021. Its coming and this company has the best 2021 year of all exploration play's for a transition, merger and discovery in Canada. So we need to look at the pipeline of 2022 and we are going to be even bigger than $90million market cap at .65cents. So What do we do now? Well, i have a link for you to listen to an expert on the Kerry Lutz's "Financial Survival Network". see the link.....https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyoO2EwFERU. So hang onto your shares and accumulate on the dips. As we continue into the second week of February there is a lot more to come in news from Northwest Copper. Also, the price of Copper is starting to move past the $4.50 range as we see Russia and China now form the alliance for a major gas pipeline. As for the invasion nothing has changed as each day we see more updates and OIL is going higher? Maybe $100?  But,  look at Bitcoin coming back so fast over $40k.  As for GOLD and Silver as usual we see $1800 again and Silver making another move higher pst $23 an ounce. So today sit back and see the latest update from Peter Bell on his powerpoint presentation updated last week.  see link....https://northwestcopper.ca/site/assets/files/5802/2022-02-02-cp-nwst.pdf

good luck next week....no BID vs ASK update as no sense in following a share price being held at these levels from management or insiders with deep investments in the stock.