hi all,  As we look into a new week and news pending for Northwest Copper drill results for Kwanika/Stardust. We are seeing a new high in Copper tonight and we are not looking back. As China cut a deal with Russia on gas supply. We are starting to see how these two countries are starting to balance out a strategy to get what they want. Russia wants Ukraine and China wants Taiwan. I honestly believe China will not invade Taiwan but surround it as the country is and Island. China does not need to attack or invade but surround it before the US do to protect.  We call this stop the supply chain and hold everything!  China can easily stop any exports and hold Copper, silver or any exports they want. Taiwan alone just by surrounding the island from exporting and control without any invasion. Will cause a massive spike in GOLD, SILVER and COPPER.  Now we know this will not last long but just the thought can cause the precious metals to spike. Copper can hit $6 and i did post a target last year. Remember someone did post on tradingview.com back in 2020 a $12 a lbs target. So for now we look at Russia with a 70% army already building up and ready to invade. This NATO move to stop Ukraine is one that China wants to get involved to help get what they want in Taiwan. So for now Copper is getting ready to move to $5 a lbs. As for Northwest Copper the timing couldn't be perfect when we see a move i the price. Now, i know its kinda sad to think Russia and China do all they want to create a war and Copper we all hope goes higher. But for now control of all assets is key and its starting to create higher prices. OIL,  once we hit $100 the price of copper can be close to $6 and any day OIL is getting just over $92. For us we cannot do anything except face the facts as to what is going on in the world. Northwest Copper will be the biggest copper play in Canada and we will see our stock double in price. There is nothing i can see stopping Copper and Oil move higher as China begins to use its strategy to hold and stop exports and control its inventory.  Good luck in the morning and watch the overnight price moves. use this link below and its already set up on copper.  https://www.investing.com/commodities/copper also we have a true George W..formation in copper now. The signals are there for a pop higher to $5 a lbs.  see link from tradingview   see link   https://www.tradingview.com/x/wsRq0JKO/    you will see copper is ready to make a move to an all time high!!!  you will see the BIG "W"  
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