hi all,  we are in a very strong buy alert on tradingview.com in the last 5mins for Northwest Copper.  Also,  the Volume was very unusual and the long wait for news on Kwanika and Stardust is starting to become an alarm!!  Last time i saw this it was a takeover with a few past picks over the years.  Nothing has changed just be ready for news soon.  As for Copper we are headed north to $5 a lbs and the timing for news on Northwest Copper couldn't be better.  Also,  Gold is another key element for Kwanika as everyone is forgetting the last drill campain we had as Serengeti Resources, nothing was updated in the resource calculation. So this update that we are getting will have a lot of GOLD!!  This is what made Goldcorp over the year with Copper and Gold credits putting the all in sustaining cost at its lowest as a minor!!  Now what does that mean for us as we wait for news. Everything!!! I did predict in the past $2 at times and even $6. For now lets be modest and stay with my trend of $1.50 a share as we have a lot still coming in the pipeline.  For those of you who loaded up in the .60+ cents over the past month.  Good for you and remember if we move to a new 52week target you must take profits to protect yourself on any market condition.  Remember there is a potential Threat with Russia and now China.  So think smart and pay your bills, have not debt and put food on the table. Also dont fprget your favorite charity always give back!

all the best in the morning and get excited as this will be the next stock creating headlines like GT GOLD,  Great Bear, Kirkland Lake and now us!!

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