hi bengy21    

John Kaiser has never once supported any positive updates for Serengeti and Sun Metals was trashed by him when he made it his #1 bottom fish 3 years ago.  Even when we hit 33% copper on hole 217 last year in November he still mocked Peter on "game changer"  Do not follow him or pay for his subsrciption. I must say one thing....either you are on our side or you are not?  I never owned Sun Metals stock as they had the worst approach to shareholders.  Spend the money and hide for months.   

John is good an disecting a company but is also one to mock them when he makes a mistake on his picks.  Just follow Northwest and always reach out to Adrian at Northwest.  We have news coming and we should also see the news on our first Drill Program annoucement for 2022. It will be big and get excited...