hi all,  well the meltdown has started in Copper and its not looking good. We can see another .25cents sell off into next week and float around $3.50 a lbs. So lets hope we do not go there as this could be a long summer!!  As for Northwest Copper we are toast!!  We can see another down day on Friday and touch .35 cents.  Our Market cap needs to be over $50million with our shares outstanding. Also, Peter Bell has no choice but to soon announce the last tranche#3 placement of shares up to $3million dollars worth to take POSCO off our books as owning any ownership in Kwanika. So we are in for another spark in a downtrend. I cannot tell you what to do at this point but its not looking good for Northwest Copper.  6months has come to end now as our last full week of June ends Friday. So going into next week no news on drill results can push us near .30cents.  Maybe this is the outcome we need to face in the markets, and look at Oil, Bitcoin...now Copper.  So for me i cannot stress if you havent sold in the green you could be too late and be in the red. I'm watching the numbers and i know my target where i will be dumping to protect my holdings. This is not positive but you need to protect your profits at this point. Copper stocks are now next as the recession has started and copper is getting hit. So good luck with your decision and do not panic. 

Good luck to Northwest copper as Peter Bell has a lot on his agenda as the share price is sliding lower for now. With any luck maybe we can see a turn around soon? We can only protect out profits and sit on the sidelines when things get better.