hi all,  major news yesterday by President Joe Buden on GOLD!!!  What is next?  now that Bitcoin got hit, Oil took a dip and copper took a dump!...GOLD might be the one asset that everyone is leaving the markets and all of the above to move into. Talk about timing on GOLD and seems to me if you have gold keep it!! I see this market in a minro bear market rally.  Dont sell it, dont give it away!  Keep it within your family and right now we could see a turn of events on the GOLD price.  Seems to me they are starting to expose how much GOLD Russia has and how big it is to invest in GOLD. Remember my post a year ago on $10000 GOLD and RUSSIA war?  I hat to say it but we are on to something. As for the news and artilces see the link...https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-06-25/us-to-join-g-7-in-ban-of-new-russian-gold-imports-to-hit-putin,  As for the price no one  knows if they crash it or push it past $2000 an ounce instantly.  In order to take your gold you need a high price? or do you think the US is using this also to back the american dollar with GOLD?  If this happens we could see a spike in GOLD like you have never seen before!!  Go to USA Watchdog and    there are many interviews to choose from and the best one is this one...see the ilnk and watch all of it.  https://usawatchdog.com/third-of-global-population-killed-in-next-war-cycle-charles-nenner/ , Charles has been right so far on the markets correcting since the start.  Now looking at Northwest copper.  nothing has changed further dilution is next to Posco Daewoo and until we see this management team make up for the last 6 months. We are still in a downtrend and be very cautious on yoru profits and nothing is safe right now with copper price. Good luck and watch the gold price as we open at 6pm this afternoon in the open market. Use this site so you can see all the. Good luck on Monday. commodities https://www.investing.com/commodities/gold