hi all,  I said it once and i will say it again as Northwest has to deliver on drill results for Kwanika. This stock is still under .30 cents and could hit .25 again!  Why?  Well we owe millions of shares on the last Tranche #3 and due any day soon from Peter Bell.  Also,  Copper is floating in the $3.50 range and has not recovered.  Remember we are in a bear market rally so be cautious of your portfolio. We are not out of the woods yet and this stock should complete the last transaction with POSCO.  Now looking at GOLD price and this is key for Kwanika on the drill results. Peter Bell needs to stress the importance of each hole on the GOLD grades to help this stock move. For now we have over 170 million shares outstanding and more coming. For now this stock is in limbo waiting for more news this week. If we get under .30 cents again it is a good buy for another run up and profit taking. We hit .25 cents last month when i told everyone our range and i hope you took profits when we hit .38cents.  That is a nice move and always remember you can always get it in and out of this copper and gold market with the juniors. 

My target on this stock is .29 cents on Northwest copper with Posco announcement to close the 100% ownership. Cheers and good luck.  NO bid vs ask will be posted as it does not matter at thiis point.  The range is not supportive on some of the asking prices from what i saw this mornig.