You do realize that this company is on the forefront of expanding the surveillance state in the US and Canada right? Like you would be dead set against the idea if yo weren't financially embedded in the stock. I invested here for weather telematics, etc but this thermal pass "Fever Gestapo" bullshhit is ridiculous. I hope it does pop so I can GTFO because I will actively work against this company's initiatives to turn every public space they can into a surveillance target.

The Covid Hoax continues day by day as companies try to capitalize on fake fear and manufactured hysteria.

It's fvcking absurd and disgusting all at once.

TheBigW81 wrote: If 1000 orders get 10 mil. Got 51 interest so 5.1 minus cogs and g and a. Say 5x sales for sp. Gets us to mid 40s to start. If we get more sales on top this could grow to 80 cents if momentum. But i dont have much faith in when sales might happen.