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Pacific Empire Minerals Corp V.PEMC

Alternate Symbol(s):  PEMSF

Pacific Empire Minerals Corp is is a mineral exploration company. Its principal business is the acquisition and exploration of mineral exploration properties in Canada. The company project portfolio includes Jean Marie property, Worldstock property, Weedon Property, and Stars Property among others.

TSXV:PEMC - Post by User

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  • Wangotango67X
Post by Wangotango67on Apr 22, 2023 3:38am
Post# 35408503

CUPRITE COPPER - ( blue, red, green )

CUPRITE COPPER - ( blue, red, green ) Yeah.... learnt something this eve....
I knew of bornite copper - which is considered peacock copper.
Due to a variety of - copper kinds - treo mix -

Logic dictates - if bornite has a good 3 kinds of copper mix 
                             wouldn't it make sense a cuprite copper
                             could form - 3 kinds of cuprite color crystals ?
                             same colors of bornite copper - blue, green, red ?
                             of course.... but - no one speaks of this correlation.
                             Bornite Oxide = Cupric Crytal form

Why mention this topic ?
Simple -
In the historical reports on - Jean Claims
several of the Geo's - ( past explorers ) only sought 
Bornite + Molybdenum sulphide.
Kid you not.

The historical reports i've read thus far - Geo would....
document ( moly + bornite )

if chalcopyrite was present htey'd only write it in the
side columb and the boxzes for - bornite + moly would be vacant )
Same went for - cpy - copper pyrite.
And... sometimes moly would not be checked off, but written about
in the side columb.

If another came along and had to research numerous drill holes...
And simply scrolled the columbs looking " only ' for check boxes of
targeted minerals... they'd miss the presence of the minerals that
are still a copper - moly - but only written about in side - notes.

So... in my opinon - Bornite ( peacock copper )  was most likely
sought after - moreso - due to the multiple copper species
better payload - or richer grade per tonne. ( treo )  

Yet.... what if... only chalco was tallied ?
Would the former explorers only seek one kind of copper....?
Or.. .would the labs only measure one kind of copper ?
Or... would the borite once solubilized offer a treo - % grade ?


They do mention - unidentifiable - mineral.
It was first labelled - red.
A few gave it the name - must be garnets.
But.... they weren't sure.

Original mineral species( composition ) prior to metamorphing.

The protolith is not identifiable. However, the presence of corroded but still
recognizable pyroxene suggests the protolith was basic in composition and may
have been igneous.

The rock has undergone significant alteration or thermal
metasomatism producing garnets

PHOTOS FROM - PDF - (  pages 224 - 225 )
- peacock ores
- black ad white photo of garnets.
  earlier in report geo said - red.
  lab personel said - briwn and garnets.
  photo  says.. .black ( lol )
  2 - might be colorbind... wink.

Another rpeort  - documented - red quartz...
They were not sure what it was.
And... another mentioned the - cliochlore and
lots of - garnets.

Link -

Which brings this subject round to -

Cuprite copper crystal gems.
red, green, blue, black

1 kt = $200 ( upto )

What is Cuprites composition -
Gov't site says - CuH2O2 
That's copper peroxide -  lol

Other sites say - CuO2

Thought about it... and i would / could lean towards
the H2O2 - knowing water does trigger crystalization.
The mineral might need both ( Hydrogen + Oxygen )
to formulate crystalization.

Some may disagree...
But of recent - many scientists are now agreeing
many minerals do hold hydrogen bonds.
Hence - the interests in certain minerals for - hydrogen storage.

So....  Cuprite gems....?
Bornite copper = peacock copper = several kinds of copper
Bornite colorful  copper tansitions to same colors of -

Good theory... would have to be proved.
Which brings into play...
If labs could not detect the - red mineral.
And supposing it were - cuprite copper.
What if the equipt calibration also missed trhis bond of copper ?
Who knows...


I happened  to notice - Jean claims
are located a tad lower than my own - maps i made.

And.... i decided to scan th area in - satalite mode.
Came across... several - till deposits - cascading off mountains
nearby Jean claims.

Zoomed in... and they're loaded with - ruby, pink shades
in the sands....

Could be zinc, cobalt, or... cupric copper....wink.
yeas... have a laugh.... i did when i learned about cupric
this eve... who would've thought.

Tills ?
Yes.... if it were me ?
I'd be testing the tills for minerals .
Some sections were 500m + long
over 100m deep.

How do i look at it ?
It's milled alreasy.
If any " one " of those tills had significant mineral %
it would ramp up quicker than a - typical hard rock deposit.

Not the center isle... loaded in silts.
Rather - tills coming off of mountains...
Mega tills... all pink looking.
Some yellow..  which i tohught of, phospherous.

Those mountains are  -  sediment sheets - lifted up.
Quality hard rock ores - decomposing - turned to tills.
Again... not sediments or, silts.
Big diff.

This junior form what i can gather...
Does stake and flip properties.

What would it look like - scooping several - till claims ?
What if... ?
One was loaded in - Zinc ?
Zinc is up in price - $2,600 /usd.
Zinc is sought after for batteries...
Not just anode or cathode but  - air batteries.
Slap a tech to it...
Could be easier - flipping claims...
An idea.

What would one of these - PINK - TILL LADEN - mountains look like ?

Yeah..... that kind of loaded pink.
Left could easily measure 500m to 800m long
100m high inside of mound.
entire U shape could 1500m or more...
And it fans out all around.

What if it were not - zinc...
What if it were - cobalt or cupric red/pinkish copper ?

Tilled  - nearly milled.
no crushing
easy to drill ( cheap ) sand plug drilling
easy to measure out a resource
easy to move - dig and truck away.
instead of 5 years - 1 yr one could have a resource measured
several mountaind nearby have these -
No other junior i've come across has scooped tills
Could be all kinds of other minerals with in

I know if i came across a junior - who had till mineral claims
i'd take a second look - knowing they can dev it much quicker
measure it far faster - 

Just ideas....


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