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Pacific Empire Minerals Corp V.PEMC

Alternate Symbol(s):  PEMSF

Pacific Empire Minerals Corp is is a mineral exploration company. Its principal business is the acquisition and exploration of mineral exploration properties in Canada. The company project portfolio includes Jean Marie property, Worldstock property, Weedon Property, and Stars Property among others.

TSXV:PEMC - Post by User

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  • Wangotango67X
Post by Wangotango67on Apr 25, 2023 10:47pm
Post# 35413792


1991 - JEAN CLAIMS NBC Sydicate owned the ( Jean )  claims along with.
another group of investors.

They let the claims go in, 1991.
Which creates a ( restaking fenzy )
- others  and existing few owners

Original claim names ?
Jean marie

With.... Jean Marie rock stockwork.
Kid you not... lol

Here's a 1996 - revised map showing a varience of,
a good 500m indifference....

Perhaps my spidy sense was correct...
Gov't change over - how they formated the claims groups.

Im sure... .satalite coordinates switch over from
hand spike staking to satalite gps coordinates
switching from feet to meters would play a part.
new claims owners changing names of blocks 
new claims owners separating parcels
indifferent than original
subtracting or adding claims
mag anomaly throwing compasses or equipt - off.

What almost remains true ?
Landmarks such as, lakes, rivers, outcrops, some roads, yet...
even these can - change over time.

Master link -

I've underlined the - revision caption - on map.
File # - 25610
Page - 6


Here's a map from -
showing how extensive the Jeam Marie claims are.
JW closest to - Tchenito Lake
JEAN - lower of JW claims
Marie, WJ, and claire are mixed in - other reports.


Lakes closest to - JW claims
Tchentio + Chuchi 
- Chuchi - name change to - Nation Lake.

FILE - 20333 -
Page - 7 - map

Here we can gain a better understanding of the
original - 2 - lakes... as one can see - Chuchi is there.
But.. on Google maps  it's now Nation Lake.

This map shows a location of - Jean Claims -
I like it... because i can align it with the Tchentio Lake
and know a better prox to where Jean claims are.

What's so special ?
The Jean claims are well positioned away from the
Tchentio - river bend - moreso - under Lake Tchentio.

Other maps show Jean - similar location but...
shfted in alignment of,  where two lakes pinch....


File - 1172 -
Page - 17 -
This map shows... Jean claims moreso under
the - Chuchi Lake portion.


There's a few more....
But, you get the idea.

I would say... using older landmarks, and retro equipt
match what they used back then, could pinpoint historical drill holes
bettrer than... modern satelite -

But.... the magnetic north apparently has been shifting at a rapid 
rate for several years now. Such makes it hard for even airplanes
to hone in on locations - they had to update all equipt.

Current satalite map -
two lakes can be seen.

- older maps show Jean claims under Tchentio Lake
- Older maps show Jean claims under Chuchi / Nation Lake
- I've even seen one mpa shwing Jean right on the hump,
- and... to the - right side of hte hump - lower of two lakes....

i would say....
no matter the, company, person... etc....
historical claims are a real ( b ) to make compliant.
lot of work - deciphering all past reports.

old equipt to satalite change overs
feet to metric change overs
diff geos - diff drawings
mag north variences at play

Post is not investment advice.
Make of it as you wish - ( information )
Just pointing out - what the historicla files say.

Yes... i'm invested in the  stock....
Perhaps - trying to point a few things i've come across 
to the junior.

Now.... throw this pic in...
Hnece -  why i set out searching for the locations...

That's all i'm doing for research on - Jean.
Let's just say.... i hope the junior snags a new claim -
somethihg out of a sediment laden valley...
something with visible gold or other... at surface.
this stock needs something along that line...
give it a boost.

Off.... to search for more - depoists.


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