colourama wrote: Incredible price action (or perhaps brutal is a better word), now down 75% from its 52 week high of $1.40 to $0.35. The stock wasn't even extremely overpriced in my opinion at $1.40 like other stocks last year.

Anyone jumping into PHA right now is given a gift. All I can do is add a little here and there and wait out the long winter (so to speak). GLTA


Not a bad idea to lower your cost dollar average. This is how people enhance their long term returns by purchasing stocks you have high conviction on when it drops by double digits. 

My personal belief is that a buying opportunity will be present for a while and possible heading into fall when investors sell their losers for tax losses. My current strategy is to save cash and deploy more in the fall as interest rates are only going higher from here. 

2023 could be a good stock rally year but it also depends on economic data such as inflation controls and if the high interest rate leads to a recession. If the economy heads into a recession then expect the markets to drop another 10-15% as I don't believe a recession is fully priced in.

I am quite certain that over the next several years investors will be happy adding at todays prices. Moreover, Premier Health is a recession proof company that won't be impacted by a recession. 

Add if you wish and just forget about it.