Dr. Julie Selway, VP of Exploration, stated “Having been on 90% of all lithium bearing pegmatites in the province of Ontario, I can safely say that Case Lake pegmatites have the best economic potential in a publicly traded company that I have seen in all my years.
 Dr. Selway, VP of Exploration stated “We are impressed by the widths and grades of the lithium mineralization in the Main Dyke. The tantalum mineralization is a nice extra bonus to the lithium mineralization. We are eager to see the assay results from PWM-17-35, as the drill core is similar to that of PWM-17-10.”
 Dr. Julie Selway, VP of Exploration stated “The discovery of two new dykes between Main and South Dyke suggests that there is more lithium mineralization to be found near the Main Dyke. We now have several drill holes on the Main Dyke confirming the wide intersections of continuous pegmatite close to surface. This recent discovery can substantially increase the size of our total resource.”
 Dr. Selway, VP of Exploration, stated “I am thrilled that our idea to build a trail and move the drill to the west side of Little Joe Lake has paid off with the discovery of West Joe Dyke. The trail has opened up access to lots more ground to explore. The 1.6 km between the Main Dyke and the West Joe Dyke is a new exploration target for spodumene mineralization. Our Case Lake Property is proving to be a truly amazing asset.”