It's not that the plan is bad - the market is.  Forecast of a recession is now months old.  As Belski points out, there's huge money on the sidelines, waiting for the pandemic/war fallout to shake out.  This entire class of unprofitable small and micro caps is in the doghouse until the Fed signals the economy is recovering with stable inflation.

We may have a long wait for the right managers to feel good about looking us over again.

Tropicalsun wrote:
Moemoney42 wrote: Huh..? "playing games with shares"..?? If the company with access to the newly reported $110 million USD doesn't find its share price attractive and undervalued why should anyone else..! We've had numerous acquisitions and the market certainly doesn't seem to agree with the "plan" so far.. :-/
gibbonsj wrote: A clean balance sheet, positive eps and free cash flow will get us where we want to be faster than playing games with shares. Make a plan stick to the plan work plan.


Can't dispute that statement, valid point forsure. Remind me who put out the report saying that the debenture overhang was holding Quipt back. Is that not done and over with? Why are the institutional boys not scooping up this name big time?