We are going to get $12.50 to $14 in a takeout ($13.50 if I had to guess-which is .9 shares of CNE.UN per RER share). The likeliest buyer in Canetic imho. There were rumours of Canetic merger discussions just before Hallowen massacre. It is a perfect match. Same properties but Real has a slightly higher oil production % which is positive. Integration will be a breeze. This will be very accretative to CNE on several metrics especially a massive increase on a per share basis in inventory of land, siesmic and well locations. IF CNE wants or needs to conveert to a corporation or MLP this is exactly what they need to bulk up on. Canetic wants the CBM too. Its a win-win situation unless someone bids higher or Real directors change their minds and decide not to sell out. One day in the next few weeks I expect word to leak out of a proposed deal and the price to gap up higher. Load up now while you still can. Can anyone suggest a better match for Real's assets?