and just like clockwork albeit  it has taken a loooooong time the gap sitting at .22 cents up to .24

is about to be filled.

Having said that my opinion is that as much as I like Sokoman it has a long way to go before

the correction is over based on the valuations of companies in the sector.

It is all about valuation folks and when the market cap of Sokoman is at $50 million versus many 

other companies such as a Wallbridge at $200 million  ...  sorry but Sokoman is not worth one

quarter of Wallbridge.   When American Creek is sitting at $70 million for their 20 percent stake

of Tudor   ...  then sorry but Sokoman is not worth  $50 million.  I can go on and on and on  

when it comes to comparisons  and the bottom line is Sokoman has a ways to go before it

comes in line with current valuations in my humble opinion.