Goldjknf wrote: Moosehead has provided us with amazing assays, our shareprice is so grossly undervalued it's ridiculous.   Without mentioning company names maybe investors in some of our neighbouring properties that have had a market cap much higher than ours with dismal recent results will finally wake up and move into SIC? 

Current Market Caps:

SIC        65M

LAB       65M

NFLD    24M

ROX     15M

KNC       8M

(source: TMX Money)

Which ones have market caps "much higher" than SIC's?
(past market caps are irrelevant - it's what these companies are valued at today that counts)

If you are referring to NFG, I believe, given that they have to date scored assay results in no less than three zones (Keats, Lotto, Golden Joint) that are far superior to any current exploration claims package I know of thoughout the world combined with their massive Queensway land package containing an enormous portion of the Appleton Fault, it is the one that is currently the most undervalued at a market cap of 1.18B.