There are a number of values.  There is the value stockmarket investors put on a company.  There is book value and there is value willing to be paid of the assets at sale.

Stock market investors may under or over value companies.  

The market cap is the value that shareholders put on a company. It can over or under value a company.

The market values Sokoman at 4.14 x book, LAB at 1.52 x book, and NFG at 11.95 x book.

A buyer at sale will pay for what the gold in the ground is worth and that will not be known until a 43-101 compliant assessement is completed.  At this point all one can do is estimate how many millon ounces are contained based on known drill results to-date. There are several ways to do that one is to do comparative to other known deposits or to do estimates of the volume and grades of the deposit.   But they are just estimates. 

Experienced investors who have poured millions into both Newfound Gold and Sokoman tells you that what Newfound Gold and Sokoman have is significant.

Newfound Gold deposits some investors have estimated to be in the millions of ounces of high grade ore at shallow depth.

Sokoman has a deposit that conservatitvely will exceed a million ounces of shallow high grade ore.

Comparatively, Newfound Gold has to this point the more significant drill results but Sokoman's drill results are substantial and of world class.

Newfound Gold's and Sokoman's deposits are of high value per ounce not only because of the number of ounce but also because they are high grade at shallow depth.  What also gives them higher value is the jursidiction they are in, near-by infrastructure and labour.

Both Newfound Gold and Sokoman are currently executing extensive drill campaigns that have continued to deliver exceptional results.  More is pending.