[qu aote=MiningRuns987]Sprott did massive placement into SPMT at 20 cents for the Goose Drilling about to start in NFLD. If he is the biggest in shareholder in NFG and in SPMT he obviously knows something. Spearmint is less than half a KM from the Keats discovery hole, making it the closest to the actual Keats diiscovery zone, not just bordering. Anything under 10 cents is a gift since Sprott put in at more than 200% from where it is now. As a kicker, it also has a massive lithium discovery in Clatyon Valley Nevada with over 2M Tonnes of LCE. 

This is the most undervalued stock on the CSE now.   [/quote]

Lol, Is there even room for a core shack on that property? May pick up a few at .03