While focused on Newfound Gold, Gwen Preston wrote a summary of the Newfoundland geology that is worth reading.  At the time Preston wrote the piece she saw NFG's overvaluation as possibly justifiable with NFG having multiple deposits.  Since Preston penned the article, NFG's last drill report was linking some of those deposits.

Preston does not mention Sokoman Minerals.  However, she comments on the Valentine Lake Shear Zone (VLSZ):

"I would argue similar, given that (1) the VLSZ is, broadly speaking, part of the same geologic plumbing system as the Appleton Fault, (2) the VLSZ is clearly mineralized, as Marathon Gold’s 5 million ounces of gold attests, (3) there is high-grade gold on the other side of the VLSZ at the Hammerdown deposit, and (4) there is at this moment far more that we don’t know about gold in Newfoundland than we do know."

Sokoman is finding out what is there. It is along the VLSZ that Sokoman is coming up with shallow high grade drill results.  Here is the link to Preston's article: