WeAreAllLegends wrote:
Can't file a full set of financials and needs to omit half of the info raises the "Red Flag Warning" to investor community...I have a patent on the "red Flag Warning" phrase

Daryl, yet another post that proves I rule your world! I'm in your head night & day, now its red flags, to funny! The weather service and many other industries have used the red flag warning before you were even hatched quack quack!

Stop pestering investors will your nothing burger posts, and try some research for a change! Try concentrating on your own money and get out of debt!

If you were as good at financial investing as you think you are, then all these taxes and judgements against you would be paid! Instead you had to flee your native country of Canada, to avoid the big house AGAIN!!

Another reason we all know your full of manure, you post every waking minute of the day, you couldn't properly research a company if your life depended on it, this would cut into the trashing & bashing of others!

Yet one more reason people put you on ignore and avoid answering the Daryl droppings you leave everywhere, only conmen and dishonest people have 100's of handles that they hide behind!

Pay no attention to this wing nut folks, and research Stoxxman and his legal issues with Stockhouse on the internet! Daryl aka Stoxxman even has a fan club that has group some of Daryls past problems, and they are extensive!

If you take 10 minutes and research Stoxxman this morning, you will see nothing he posts is relevant or can be trusted! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, in Daryls case it equates to reading War & Peace!!

Daryl is a legendary loser, report his potty mouth often, and report him s Stoxxman, it helps SH keep track of his aliases for future litigation!

Good luck and take a look at TAAT, it's got a revolutionary new smoking product, and &-Eleven the worlds leading C-store is starting to carry it! Strong insider ownership, a 60% profit margin on products, and tackling big tobacco head on!

Take care!


PS: Daryl has over 40 handles on the TAAT board, so you know the stock is worth looking into, because he hates real companies!