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Theralase Technologies Inc. V.TLT

Alternate Symbol(s):  TLTFF | V.TLT.W

Theralase Technologies Inc is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company. It is dedicated to the research and development of light activated Photo Dynamic Compounds, their associated drug formulations and technology platforms intended to safely and effectively; treat various cancers, bacteria and viruses. The Cool Laser Technology division designs, develops, manufactures and markets proprietary super-pulsed laser technology indicated and cleared by Health Canada and the FDA for the healing of chronic knee pain and when used off-label for healing numerous nerve, muscle and joint conditions. The ACT division conducts preclinical and clinical research and development for PDCs, primarily in the treatment of cancer, with assistance from the CLT division to develop medical lasers to activate them.

Theralase Technologies Inc. > TLT IS WAY ‘OVERDUE’ FOR A MAJOR SPIKE!

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February 08, 2021 - 08:55 PM
317 Reads
Post# 32508657


February 08, 2021 - 06:01 AM
231 Reads 
Post# 32498300

Seems like a lotta good TLT progress news 

has come out lately about TLD-1433 & the PH2 trial & covid updates but YET once again the stock fails to reflect any of that in the current MANIPULATED price?!

It's really NICE frigid cold weather up here right now 2 come back 2 eh?! LoL

Well ~ as I'm catching up a bit it looks like the board STENCH seems to have DISSIPATED somewhat?!

Some good 'ole fashion INTELLIGENCE can really go a very long ways in the right circles ~ huh?!


We wanted to be at the SB in TB with some American friends with connections but instead we were busy making our way back up north this week, to appease the TRUDY 'blackface' TYRANT wannabee pretending to run affairs from the Rideau up here?!

But seriously folks ~ have any of you readers & posters that r not HYPOCRITICAL lying liberal scumbags been noticing the TRAVESTY being forced upon AMERICA currently ~ day after day?!

By a corrupt & phoney SENILE socialist 'trojan horse' DICTATOR puppet, controlled by PIGLOSI, SCUMMER, & HUSSEIN working in the back, for an Obummer 2.0 repeat, as we speak?! 

Hiden has already ALIENATED millikns of Americans & shot himself in both feet several times in just his first two weeks!!

Unity my @ss! The creepy women SNIFFER's job is to SOW MORE & MORE DIVISION everyday! 

KILL MILLIONS OF AMERICAN JOBS! CRASH the economy & PRINT $$ trillions more from CHYYNA!!

The more the better! He can't find his suit POCKET BUT apparently he learned how to use a PEN?! LoL

Here's their radical MARXIST f@kin playbook! ILLEGAL ALIENS & FELONS come 1st!! LEGAL HARD WORKING American citizens come LAST!!


BTW ~ we have all the info now & KARMA is coming! U socialist MF'ers picked a fight with polite PATRIOTS that u can NOT possibly WIN?! U will soon find this OUT!

LEUTHER ~ u r going DOWN! Going down HARD! We have all the ALIASES & personal info now ~ the one & only 'foot in mouth' PREACHER MAN!!

Ur boiler room TWIN the ski'dogsh!t' sewer rat apparently tried to disappear so he can run & hide under all his other SH 'sick in the head' aliases!!

The disgusting moron thought that posting in the anon stockhouse ABYSS was safe but to no avail when the HEAT was on?!

Instead, he was oblivious to being MONITORED by ppl in the know while skiiiiiing DOWN A VERY SLIPPERY SLOPE into a freakin' tree!!

U won't believe it. Every SINGLE post & story that skiDOG conjured up on SH is pure fake BS & a BIG LIE to con, mislead, & deceive! 


FOR THE RECORD! My sources tell me that they will expose ALL the ALIASES one at a time. 

We have NOW received a lot of the info updates, therefore, SH will be alerted. PLUS the perpetrator  IDs & IPs will hopefully be made public.

We will start with the SH alias 'LIONWHISPERER' to begin with. Check out this very BIZARRE alias posting history folks? 


I'm told that it's really sad & disturbing?! Will check more into it myself & many others this week once we get more settled back here!

Apparently, the same ray ID & IP co-ordinates & email as skier'dog'59 we were told. Many many more just like this one to be exposed we were told. 


These 'boiler room' criminals, TROLL the SH boards flipping in & out of their many ALIASES in waiting, trying to create conflict & banter by arguing with themselves (their own aliases) ~ they pump & dump ~ they bash & dump & they short & cover!! 


In fact, these same 'SCUM OF THE EARTH' shorted & crashed TLT several times already in the past. Plus many other stocks here on SH.


The new CEO will be notified of all the CRIMINAL ALIASES responsible for the devious, crooked GAMES being played with TLT & its shareholders!!

Whenever I brought this criminal behaviour to light in the past ~ my posts were quickly DELETED by these devious TROLLS to cover up the TRUTH & their TRACKS but not ANYMORE!! Won't HELP as we now have the necessary PROOF & ALIAS IPs!


Isn't it a real sad COINCIDENCE that the despicable SH trolls & shysters happen to be the same political antagonists on these boards?! 

We were told that the boiler room SCUM were paid to swarm some SH boards with their LIBERAL non-stop political rhetoric & idiology to try & sway voters but who knows for sure?! Could be the reason for the constant 24/7 BS?!

I personally think that when u lead a very corrupt criminal hooligan life on SH it would come very naturally, perhaps become 2nd nature to support a bunch of OLD CORRUPT & CROOKED SOCIALIST LIBERAL DEMONIC FASCISTS in America, eh?!

I might add that the posts on this TLT board calling for a 'HANGING' might NOW come back to BITE YOU right in the A$$ doucebag?! Watch & learn a very hard lesson from the friendly SS?!


This is just the beginning. We still have many more DETAILS to learn about & REPORTS to obtain & deal with, so no need to REPLY further on here!

We're BAAACK now so the BOYS will see you soon enough to chat. Cheers until we meet MAAAATE!!

Stay tuned! Won't be long! Rovermike g'day!