Larrymartin77 wrote:
GassXX wrote:
Bubba359 wrote: And that coming from a lowlife family trashing coward like Trevor Plows. You are a gutless swine , Red deer is deserving to be roasted in his own pigfat. Many would miss Red , his fake  thumbs up come from just one other multiaccount loser, Trevor Plows , who is an idiot moron inbred loser.  Understandable the idiot who bought and held at .75 cents, and boasted he would buy another million at $1.50, Hello Big shot , anyone home that was CDN currency not 1.5 Pesos. Ask your mommy the difference
  Bubba ( Trevor Plows )  makes an excellent point

another disgusting post from Trevor Plows and his multiple aliases like "Bubba" and CanaanR"