Pandora pandora no... no... from slides potential 2.5 BILLION dollar valuation  and just half of that I will be happy because you know that I am long with Vpt and you also for a guy suppose to be still with vpt you would be very happy and even then I am very happy with this closing of 0.34$ 
Press release ready to be shared in September and you know very well not for the potential of 2.5 billion... the google translator you also know very well that it does not always translate what we write so you must be very happy with the 0.34 
Pandora wrote:
jopatclo wrote:  News release ready to be shared in September
 A 2.5 B usd valuation is $19 cnd per share....Buy all you can ;)

So you're saying there is a written document by "someone" giving VPT a $2.5B U.S. valuation equating to $19 Cdn per share and on that basis you are recommending anyone reading your post should buy all they can.

Is that your statement? Can we see the document with the $2.5B valuation?