These JUNKIES in NEW YORK have DERAILED XRX since its listing on NASDAQ / TSX taking FULL advantage of Dr. Allen in the IPO at 30% Discount.

A CEO is a CEO and a Doctor/Scientist CEO is NOT who can harness/garner Investment Firms INTERESTS on Wall Street Nasdaq to get BIG FIRMS to invest in XRX, they are MAD !

What is 13Million shares on NASDAQ ABcd42 and your Boiler Room mates? Answer pls.

13Million XRX shares  on Nasdaq would have been a SHARK FRENZY FEEDING FIGHT amongst Firms and this would have shaken  BOILER ROOMIES TREES of Almonds and Walnuts in IPO..

XRTX/NDaq ,,,,,,,,,,,KEEP TANKING till DECEMBER 31st , 2021 before I will exercise my 35 cent Warrants [200K] and BUY More. Thanks