Not only the full documents that are here but the ones that ABML post at their website on their investors link..
Personally I am glad I sold out at the peek because I don't really want to miss out on that gain over forward looking statements. Yes ABML could be more successful down the road but the "-"Related Risk " sectiob of this document makes believe there will be major set backs regardless of which one of the many risks take place it could be a fast downward trend. 

The not having any patents part.... in a highly competitive market... hmmmmmn makes you think because I know a company who is doing exactly what ABML is doing in regards to battery recycling  however they have patents and are doing very well so I am going to invest with them while we all wait and see what actually happens with ABML. huge gains came here quickly think sensibly and don't lose more than you want to. remember profits are not profits if they disappear and with proper risk management you can prevent that from happening... if you haven't read this document yet please take the time to it's only to protect you guys cuz I believe this should be posted on any message board that promotes a company. All investors big or small new or old should know fully about the company they put their retirements into. 

If you don't want to use this link simply go to ABML website open the drop down menu and then click investors... you will see a document I highly suggest reading.