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Bullboard - Stock Discussion Forum American Manganese Inc. AMYZF

Primary Symbol: V.AMY

American Manganese Inc. is a critical metals company focused on the recycling of lithium-ion batteries with the RecycLiCoTM Patented Process. The process provides high extraction of cathode metals, such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, and aluminum at battery grade purity, with minimal processing steps. American Manganese Inc. aims to commercialize its breakthrough RecycLiCoTM Patented Process and become an industry leader in recycling cathode materials from spent lithium-ion batteries.

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American Manganese Inc. > AMY's Pleb/s Realizing.....
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AMY's Pleb/s Realizing.....

Shwayjao (19) | July 30, 2022 04:31 am

SHAREHOLDER – Stock Car Driver
AMY – Pit chief/crew
CAR – AMY’s “vision”

PA – A yellow card has just been issued, folks.

DRIVER (to pit crew chief) - I’m smelling some smoke, maybe something from the steering box, not sure. Tires are slippin’ a bit. Gears 2, 3 and 5 are hesitant some, and I think there’s a rubbing on a fairing, back right tire?

NOT AMY PIT CREW – We hear, ya, Johnny. Our systems show nothing wrong with the steering box, will check it out upon entry into pit row. New tires are set to “go”. The gears are hesitant due to the heat from the new tranny oil, they’ll settle in in short time pronto, no worries. That fairing issue, the boys are ready for your entry. All good, mate! See you in a sec.

This car was in and out in less than 30 seconds and well ahead of the pace car.

Now, we’ll hear AMY’s recording for the same driver’s situation.

AMY -  Smoke? Well, smoke is better than fire, correct. You know, when it rains, the RACETRACK gets wet and from there, cars can slip up, or down, and who knows what. And when it’s hot and sunny, the racetrack is dry and then the tires grip better. The smoke; Think of it as vaping, it’s all the rage these days; You hearing me, ya hipster? Tires are expensive, Johnny, yous gots to make these tires last at leeeeeeeast another 50 laps. If the gears are slippin’, just skip ‘em, it’s an oval track; How many times do ya really need to shift, ya silly bast#rd? For the fairing, are you sure? EVERYONE at the racetrack is talking about how SWEET our car looks. We’ll duct tape it for now and make sure the car looks good on camera! Every track we go to, we get praised on our new car design. We look good and that’s all that matters! That fairing is as good as taken care of, like a pimple on prom night!

DRIVER  (to AMY) – Are you insane?

AMY – Yo, Johnny, you drive for US! We don’t need to win this race. We just need to make sure we finish it, no matter what. A “DNF” is not acceptable. Finishing last, limping in with parts laid on the track even, means nothing to us. Anything other than the minimal, DNF, is SUPERB for us! Did I mention, EVERYONE thinks we look great on the track, our car looks sweeeeet! Who gives a (consonant) about anything else; People are talking about us! Nothing else matter!!! Winning? No DNF is our goal!!!!

AMY'S DRIVER (to spouse/friend/dog/fish/lamp post/pocket lint) – I’m definitely driving for a tadpole high on dried cow embryos. Where’s my agent? Is this driving contract for life? How do I….

AMY’s car did not make it out on the track before the pace car and was therefore disqualified. They did, however, plead, beg, cry, have a sit-in, spit sunflower seeds at everyone near them, and threatened to eat in public naked for the next 20 years before they were granted a “stay” of approval for the next race.


RE:AMY's Pleb/s Realizing.....

Legit62 (1044) | July 30, 2022 05:43 pm

THE greatest analogy of all times, superb, been a holder since the very early days, bought at .08 and cant seem to let go of this stock, sold some near highs so way ahead of game now but still own substantial amount, contemplating dumping because losing faith in this company, it may possibly be 3 to 5 years before this jumps again and by then we may already be into new battery technology, IMO

RE:RE:AMY's Pleb/s Realizing.....

Legit62 (1044) | July 30, 2022 06:03 pm

Im giving it 6 months, then selling and throwing all money into  TLTFF, i have over million shares in that company and its ready to explode

RE:RE:RE:AMY's Pleb/s Realizing.....

satchmo6 (243) | August 03, 2022 12:54 pm

U need to ask RBC  ---why they are always selling AMY

RE:RE:RE:RE:AMY's Pleb/s Realizing.....

Shwayjao (19) | August 03, 2022 09:43 pm

What difference would it make? I'd get the same rubber politician stamp reply as I did with Larry (doesn't reply to me anymore - I'm too direct, I guess?). Ha.

I spoke with Zarko, this early April, and asked about the demo plant and asked that since the entire AMY recycle process, from stock in to stock out, is only about 8 hours, thus tweaking any imperfections and the results thereof, multi dozens even (?), would have one thinking commissioning the plant wouldn't take tooooo long, no? Makes layman sense, no? He was shocked about the/my 8 hour comment and asked who told me that. His tone was difficult to read; Either it was inside info I had, or where and why would I have come up with that number. It was given knowledge about the pilot process via podcasts in the later half of 2019, unless my ears were on the fritz. And the question never got answered, hmmm, transparency.

But I digress, it's always the same old same old politician's general response to my questions, and I'm not asking for the Calgon ancient, or KFC secret ingredients. Dang, I didn't even ask how many elves work/live in the Keebler tree! 

So now, AMY, working on their "medical degree thesis" (demo plant) wants to take on night classes for their law degree, tutor the neighbourhood kids, help town hall with the city park's planning, and will take on a night job delivery hazardous waste.

I can't take this kind of company anymore. I hope no one loses money, hope many/all make money, I just want to be past this investment of mine. The sooner, the way better! Just get up a bit more, AMY, with volume that won't bring my sell market bid run the SP down to the point more people will be as upset with their investment in AMY as I am.


RE:RE:RE:RE:AMY's Pleb/s Realizing.....

Trachy (11) | August 04, 2022 10:00 am

Are they selling stocks in possession or 'air'stocks?  A big difference.