so what is it, you sold eveything or trimmed some.  Lololol.  What a clown.  It is all there.  Now he wants to look good pretending he sold everything.  No wonder he is so angry.  He still holding a large portion from $60+.  Clown is sitting on a huge lost.  Ofcourse he will never admit it.  I mean why would someone spend every hour of the day trying to pump the stock up after he got stuck at $60 holding for a gamma squeeze.  

CommonCentsforDollars wrote: Sold all my Tilray's the morning of the peak you clown mf'er. 

CommonCentsforDollars wrote: I trimmed some off the open as this was starting to become too heavy weighted in my portfolio with the addition of all the Calls i loaded. Getting too hard to sleep.

I don;t think this is done yet though. The day is still long.

TLRY had a nice bounce off the morning gap sell off with RIDICULOUS VOLUME. I mean we are 21 minutes in and look at Tilray's VOLUME. 21 minutes of Volume beating a 2019 entire month of volume. Just wow.

Volume  46,428,803
Avg. Volume  30,681,453


Positivelive1 wrote: Make money now- very poor advise! From $3.89 to $39.00! Don't tell me not to sell!