since someone mentioned Peter....  happened exactly like I said it would.  Front the pump and the Tilray dump to Irwin's payoff, err I mean salary or bonus.  Every Tilray and APHA management was dumping hard after the merger.  I kept warning the board.  How can people not see it.  Anyways take it as a lesson learned.  Last call is done, I am out...

December 18, 2020 - 10:26 PM
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BudFoxx2020 wrote:  The reason for this merger is more than likely for Peter Thiel to get rid of his huge losing Tilray position. He gave Tilray CEO 2 years to get this done and obviously it wasn't working.  Got it.  Tilray has lost 96% of its value.  They are about to dump their 77% on loyal long APHA shareholders through this merger.  They are all planning to walk away from this and leave the mess to APHA to sort out.   All these old deal that both of you clowns keep mentioning happened long before this merger, yet Tilray was still failing and its share price hit $2.40 all time low.  Sorry for the vent, just frustrating when people that have no clue starts posting nonsense.


BudFoxx2020 - (12/16/2020 11:24:40 AM)

BudFoxx2020 wrote: Irwin makes out like a bandit.  How much he get 20 milli, 30 milli.  Apha shareholders gets screwed as usual.  SMH.