VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies Inc. (CSE: CNI) (OTC: CLGUF) (FRANKFURT: 1JI0) (“Cloud Nine” or the “Company”), a leading decentralized network and data storage technology company, announces the initial release of its recently acquired "Limitless Platform".

The Limitless Platform is a hybrid distributed network designed to share the resources of its users. The initial product is a virtual private network (VPN), where users trade their unused computing power for access to secure internet access and better privacy. Versions for most common devices such as, Windows, Mac, Mobile and later Xbox/common network storage devices such as Synology NAS, are anticipated to be available in the coming days, and the Company encourages users to try out the platform and provide feedback. After an initial startup period or “calibration”, the Company intends to reward/compensate users for sharing resources with the platform through discounted service offerings such as data storage services. The rewards or discounts for users will be determined at a later time after the initial launch, and after feedback has been received. This computational power could be used for a variety of use cases including network and storage sharing, proof of stake cryptocurrency mining, movie rendering and content delivery networks.

Infrastructure is one of the largest expenses of a software as a service company or a cloud provider. By democratizing it for the users, management believes it will save money for the Company and for the platform’s users.

Following user feedback and further upgrades, Cloud Nine intends to develop additional features for the Limitless Platform including a referral network (receive residuals for growing the platform), and to allow users to trade networking (peer to peer) and decentralized storage.

Sefton Fincham, President, commented, “I am tremendously excited with the extensive and successful completion of the beta testing and the launch of the VPN. The Limitless VPN provides users with private and secure internet access, while at the same time utilizes each user’s computing device to mine various cryptocurrencies. Blockchain enables the automation of trust, and the decentralization of data. As we build out the user base and network, we intend to launch additional services and technologies such as decentralized and private data storage offerings.”

Limitless VPN

The Limitless VPN is a proprietary VPN (Virtual Private Network) which allows end users free access to personal internet privacy software in exchange for limited use of the user’s background system resources as outlined in the terms and services agreement of the VPN.  Unlike traditional professional grade “Paid VPNs” which charge a monthly fee in order to generate revenue, the Limitless VPN platform borrows existing computational power of the user and then can use it for specific business purposes such as decentralized data storage. To download the Limitless VPN, please visit