Bundeep was interviewed yesterday.  Very short video clip on the market herald.   

she asks him why he increased the capital raise.   He didn't answer the question thoigh.   He only saut a good time to get in and they they have governance and investments.  

that didn't answer the question of why he raised it 25 percent and doesn't explain what they've been doing the last 8 months.   At least he is talking and is beginning to show some interest.  I'm afraid to look at Twitter. I'm afraid to see more crickets.   

governance ?   I actually don't see any governance but it's nice he wants that image.   He didn't mention premfina.    I wish we could get a very long informed discussion from a reporter that asks hard questions and many questions.  And when they don't answer the question to ask it again like a cnn reporter wouod do.  

why should investors be here?     How are we going to go to 50 cents ?    Where is Michael colletta.   I want good interviews.   All he said was we have networks from novakda and ideo.   Thafs fine.  But these investments are on the website.  The real question should be why is premfina on our website ?   I need a real reporter.   

and networks are good.   But our networks don't do anything.   Like black insure ceo that ran off with all our money and left us with nothing.  What was his name again ?   And what is nivaira and ideo doing ? Besides taking our money?  They are not liquid.  For that matter I have a network too so give me 5 million too.    

how do we get rich ?    I need real questions akd I need real execution.    And if we had a network with the Chinese mafia thst know how to promote a stock that has nothing that would be a great network to have.  Because we have something like we claim them that's a network I want that can execute.   People in communications should executed. 

michael colletta.  What are you doing ?   You should execute too.  Or be executed.   Don't serve us lip service without the money.  I want to see money.   I invest and I want a return.  A huge return.  And this is not enough.  The investment community is yawning.   They don't want Martin grahams excuses that relationships matter.  Relationships matter if they bear fruit.  Where is our food?    We want to be fed !!