I totally missed it.  Same source on July 27 at market herald.   3 minutes.   She speaks very well.   And speaks of her digital assets background and speaks confidently and is excited to help fineqia with their mission.    

perhaps there is hope and she can speed things along.   It's at The point now that the stock is a random.   If they fail they get zero stock rewards.  Like everybody else.  Personally I'd like their salaries set to zero and get paid only on results but I'll take what I can get.  

I don't know if there interviews are paid for or what but I'm liking the little interviews.   Which don't even make it to their Twitter acct or website.    So many mixed messages from that absense.   

maybe they want all new investors on board before making too much noise so people like us can't get what we deserve before new investors.  I don't know.  But just maybe they are on the verge of doing something "soon".  Although they did say soon back in December and priced they are on geologic or biblical time and have no concept of what "soon" means.  Asian women are very smart so maybe Cheryl kong can explain the English language to them.  Because she is very well spoken and I suspect she understands terminology like "soon" and perhaps even convince them that we really here to make money and not drift aimlessly at sea dying of starvation.